Saturday, January 9, 2016

Timmy's Organism Heartless Heathen

"Heartless Heathen"
Third Man Records
Released: October 30, 2015

Timmy Vulgar (Epileptix and Clone Defects) latest effort with Timmy's Organism is a delectable garage fueled romp that travels from the New York Dolls to the last few years of garage psych punk excellence (Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segal, Goner catalog etc..) to their confluence of hometown Detroit music and life influences.

Take a listen to "Get Up, Get Out".

The ten tracks are varied and avoid getting stuck in a rut. Timmy's Organism does this without being artificial. They break things up and add and subtract influences because it is obviously natural to them. And it is all done with a commanding level of snarl and guts. There is no doubt Timmy's Organism is the real deal, a bit f'd up and are in it for the pure love of making this racket.

Available in cassette/cd/vinyl editions.

"Heartless Heathen" Tracklist:

1. Get Up, Get Out
2. Heartless Heathen
3. Please Don't Be Going
4. Mental Boy
5. Wicked Man
6. Back In The Dungeon
7. Weather Woman
8. My Angel Above
9. Hey Eddie

10. Wounded White Dove

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