Friday, January 22, 2016

Ty Segall Emotional Mugger LP

"Emotional Mugger"
Drag City Records
Released: January 22, 2016

Some jerk decided it would be a fun idea to put a 28 pointed starburst sticker on the shrink wrap of the latest LP from the prolific and worship worthy Ty Segall.

The album jacket opening is also not where I would have expected it. If you hold the album like it is displayed in the above photo, the album opening is on the top, not the industry standard right side. 

Back to the 28 pointed starburst sticker. I am the jerk who cautiously peels any stickers off the shrink wrap and then re-sticks the sticker to the actual album cover. Reason? Somewhere along the line someone told me you have to take the shrink wrap off cuz it will damage the cover over time. I bought into that theory and then stick the album into an industry standard 3mil thick polyethylene sleeve. Someone else I know leaves the price stickers on used LPs so they remember how much they paid. I rip that off immediately in the car on the way home from the record store.

Do you know how difficult it is to peel a 28 pointed star off a thin piece of plastic without ripping one of the points off completely?

I know most record nerds don't do this sticker peeling thing, and that some of them have actually reeled backwards and made the "just ate something sour face" that I would stick a sticker on an album jacket that wasn't originally on there, stating that would bring the value of the record down. Listen, if I bought records as if they were stock investments I would have bought all of the copies of "Love Buzz" at Play It Again Records in Bethlehem PA instead of the one copy I bought for the price of two quarts of Miller back in the day. 

Successfully peeled sticker, restuck.

The liner notes state, "Thank you to all of the Spud Boys". 

"Emotional Mugger" is indeed a tribute to Harcore Devo era Devo. If there was such a thing as Hardcore Beatles, I would site that as an influence as well. But it isn't.

2016 is off to a great start. I love this record. Give it a listen to over at NPR and then buy the damn LP and re-stick the sticker on the album jacket.

Then after you digest Ty Segall's version of "Diversion" check out the original done by the Equals (written by Eddy Grant). I am enlightened everyday.

Frank FOE

PostScript #1 - I file Ty Segall under "T" not "S".
PostScript #2 - "Emotional Mugger" inspired me 4 times in day one to stop what I was doing (listening to "Emotional Mugger") and go play the drums and guitar.

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