Saturday, January 23, 2016

Best Metal of 2015

Best Metal of 2015

There are a lot of genres within metal. This is a mashup of anything I consider metal. 

These are the ten best metal albums according to Frank FOE as of January 2016. I added the clarifying date as I am sure over the next twenty years, I will discover dozens more metal albums that I missed during the calendar year 2015. Check my list of the Top 100 of 2015 as there are about 25 metal releases that made that list. 

The purpose of this list is to reflect, to possibly introduce these records to someone who possibly missed them in 2015 and to share my love of music.

I rated these by two factors: how many times I actually listened to the record and how creative I found the release.

This is the stuff that helped make 2015 as good as it was. 

1. Slayer "Relentless"

2. Motorhead "Bad Magic"

3. Black Dahlia Murder "Abysmal"

4. High On  Fire "Luminiferous"

5. All Out War "Dying Gods"

6. Napalm Death "Apex Predator - Easy Meat"

7. Six Feet Under "Crypt of the Devil"

8. Various Artists "Morbid Tales: A Tribute to Celtic Frost"

9. Christian Mistress "To Your Death"

10. Stone Sour "Straight Outta Burbank"

Frank FOE

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