Saturday, September 17, 2016

MUSIC FIX OF THE DAY: Mental Coma "Fragments of Democracy"

SEPTEMBER 17, 2016

"Fragments of Democracy"
Horror Pain Death Gore Productions
Released: July 1, 2016

Mental Coma are from Denmark. 

I'm kinda bummed about that as I probably will never get to see them live. Kind of wish they were from Philly or something. 

Reason I am bummed, is that "Fragments of Democracy" is one of the best thrash albums I've heard in a long time. Mental Coma kill.

Give "Civilized Abuse" a listen:

There are a ton of bands out there playing old school thrash metal. Most is generic and at best listenable. 

A lot of people love thrash, a lot of people try to play it, but to excel at it, you have to have to possess a few things:

  • talented musicians including guitarists who shred and a tight drummer
  • a "sound"
  • know how to actually write a thrash song (not just play fast)
  • have a great vocalist 
  • and... be able to capture the recording so it doesn't sacrifice power just to get the speed. 

Mental Coma are successful on all levels on "Fragments of Democracy". They've got it all. This album makes me nuts, which is the final bullet point I forgot to mention above... If my legs wouldn't be bouncing up and down and my head banging as much as possible while still trying to focus on my computer screen to type this, it would fall into the generic and OK category of thrash. Yeah, "Fragments of Democracy" makes me nuts! 

Check out "Civilized Abuse":

"Fragments of Democracy" tracklist:

1. Mental Enslavement
2. Grotesque Reality
3. Civilized Abuse
4. Profitable Killings
5. Mass Media Manipulation
6. The Forgotten Ones
7. Scars Of Loyalty
8. Awake
9. Global Suicide
10. Ashes Of Humanity

Lose it to "Profitable Killings":

Thank you HPGD Productions and Mental Coma!

Frank FOE

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