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SEPTEMBER 13 ,2016

Flatspot Records
Released: August 26, 2016

OK, Let's get this out of the way. 
Some of my lifelong friends just call me "Foe" when they talk to me. 
Agnostic Front is in my top five bands ever. 
"Victim In Pain" is in my top five albums ever.
"Friend or FOE" is one of the greatest hardcore songs ever.
FOE is the zine / record label I started in 1982 or something. 
FOE stood for "Freedom of Expression" for many years. Then ended up as Freedom of Evolution.
There was a music mail order distro called FOE, I think they even went by Freedom of Expression, that started up many years after my zine, that I had nothing to do with.
There was a reggae band called Freedom of Expression that I wasn't in... I saw them play in 1987 (or so). I hung out with them. They were very cool people. They did me a favor. 
Friend or Foe is straightedge/hardcore/punk. I'm sober 25 years/hardcore/punk.
So yeah, I like that this band has FOE in their name. I like that they named the EP after me (haha). Actually, I don't know these guys, but I LOVE this EP!

Now that we have that cleared up...

Based out of Richmond Virginia USA, this is Friend or Foe's third EP, but first I have heard. 2012 Know Your Rights EP  ( free download here: http://friendorfoerichmond.bandcamp.com/album/know-your-rights ) on Reaper Records/Solid Bond Records and 2014 Outsider EP on Triple B Records, are probably EPs I need to obtain as this "FOE" EP freaking kills!

Brutal hardcore taking cues from NYHC legends. Old Agnostic Front meets today recording sound. Definitely appeals to this old head and I am sure this is kicking the newbies in the ass too. This is a phenomenal EP. Simply love this! Stands up as one of the best modern Hardcore records I've heard.

Sick Of It All knows what is up... SOIA brought Friend or Foe along for a set of five shows across the East Coast in September.

09/07 Pittsburgh, PA – Rex Theater
09/08 Cleveland, OH – The Agora Theatre & Ballroom
09/09 Detroit, MI – The Majestic Cafe
09/10 Buffalo, NY – Waiting Room
09/11 Clifton Park, NY – Trickshot Billiards (feat, Walls Of Jericho)

Get this EP. Play it loud, wherever you are, but be prepared as you will have a physical reaction to this EP. If you are in your car, you will be throwing down and your flailing fists might be misinterpreted by passing motorists. If you are walking around with your earbuds in, people will think you are insane as you eclectically walk/thrash to the music they can't hear. If you are blasting it in your home, there will be a guaranteed circle pit, even if it just you and your dog. 

F.O.E. loves F.O.F.

I should really get one of these hats...
Frank FOE

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