Sunday, September 11, 2016

MUSIC FIX OF THE DAY: No Thrills Razorblades CD Review

SEPTEMBER 11, 2016

Violated Records

Released: August 26, 2016

No Thrills is from Penrith, Cumbria, in Northwestern England.

One listen to the opening track (see video below) and you immediately catch the expected European vintage punk influence. Precise, driving, melodic, in your face and loud.

What wasn't quite expected was the speedy Naked Raygun and Mad Parade influence. Naked Raygun and Mad Parade are both USA bands that were influenced by European punk and made it their own in the 1980s. No Thrills takes this interpretation, adjusts the USA influence levels back a bit, closer to the European influence and comes up with a highly energetic, classic punk album! 

Philadelphia's Violated Records is hitting on all cylinders! No Thrills and Red Alert albums are punk classics. Menace, The Strike, External Menace, Dive in the Box, Newtown Neurotics... Nice! 

Frank FOE

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