Saturday, October 7, 2017

Punk Rock Postcards VLOG

Punk Rock Postcards
Rachel Hoeflich's VLOG

Okay, attention!
For the third time, attention!
Hey, wait a minute!
Attention! Shut up!
Attention, please be advised...
Please be advised that...
Please be advised that by
your entry upon these premises...
...that by your entry
upon these premises... are consenting
to being photographed. are consenting
to being photographed.
This means they're gonna take
photos of your ugly faces right?
...and you having your likeness
used in motion pictures.
...and having your ugly likeness
used in a filthy motion picture.
...and for other purposes.
...and for other purposes.
...and for other purposes.
...and other purposes.
...and for other purposes,
God knows what!
...and for other purposes.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And at the bottom,
it says, "Thank you."
And you can tell them
to f&*k off.

Rachel is the bassist for must-see-live Philly punk band The Droogettes.

Punk Rock Postcards is her VLOG.

I suggest you seek her out on Youtube and subscribe to her posts. 

I reluctantly agreed to go on video with her (only because I dislike being videoed, she is an absolutely amazing person, so if she approaches you, you'd better agree to be videotaped). I was pleasantly surprised at the final edit she uploaded. The whole video of the event was expertly edited and is a pleasure to view.

Check out the VLOG Rachel put together on the Nazareth Benefit show:

Rachel documents the Droogettes and all of her punk rock excursions. 

Check out these samples and then head on over to her Youtube channel and SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss any of Rachel's VLOG's! If you are like me and aren't getting out quite as much as you'd like, live vicariously through Rachel's eyes and ears.



The Droogettes Radio Interview

The Vibrators @ Brighton Bar NJ

Frank FOE

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