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Eater "Thinkin of the USA"

"Thinking of the U.S.A."
Violated Records
Released: September 2017

Eater formed in North London in 1976. 
They took their name from the T. Rex song "Suneye" from the 1970 LP "T.Rex": 


Love you
Oh girl I do
Love you

Come the sun
See it run
Across the sky
Cosmic eye
Is for you
And no one else

Love you
Oh girl I do
Love you

Come the sun
See it run
Across the sky
See it cry
For you
And no one else

Tree wizard puretongue
The digger of holes
The swan king
The Elf lord
The eater of souls
Lithon the black
The rider of stars
Tyrannosaurus Rex
The eater of cars.

Back in the early 1980s when I was introduced to the sounds of Eater, their vinyl were very difficult to find in my home town (no internet, no digital downloads, no streaming). I managed to obtain Eater's first two 7"s - "Outside View" (1977, The Label) and "Thinkin’ of the USA" (1977, The Label) on record buying trips out of town. It took me many years to track down their one and only official studio album - "The Album" (1977, The Label).


Now understand, I truly love Eater. To this day, they stand as an original sounding punk band. I think it might have to do with their fixation on T. Rex and how they combined that with the early punk sound. 

I met Pat who runs Violated Records back in the early 1980s and he had the Eater material. He graciously made me a cassette (that's what we did back in the early 1980s, kind of like sharing a youtube link now). We developed a friendship that has lasted since, partly because we are both fixated on Eater.

I know how important it is to Pat to have been able to issue this 7" which includes re-recorded versions of "Thinkin' of the U.S.A." and "Michael's Monetary System" from 2016, both originally recorded way back at the beginning of Eater's career. 

"Thinking of the U.S.A."
Kicking up dust on an empty street
Waiting for John, Brian and Liz
I've already been stopped by the police
They're getting kicks, I'm feeling sick

Chorus. And I'm thinking - thinking of the USA
Thinking of the USA
Dreaming of the USA

10.30 and the band is still not on the stage
The kids are getting restless but all have to be paid
I really think that I should not stay
I need a rest .I need a drink

Chorus. And I'm thinking - thinking of the USA
Thinking of the USA
Dreaming of the USA

12.45 at the Roxy Club
And I'm tired of just hanging around
I need some sleep, I am so tired
All these people making crazy sounds


Walter Lure comes from the USA
Lou Reed comes from the USA
Richard Nixon comes from the USA

Gary Gilmore came from the USA

These versions have a darker feel than the originals and for that reason alone, make it mandatory for the old Eater fans. 

Get this 7" record from Pat.  And if you are a punk and do not have the other Eater material, I highly suggest that you search out their records/cds/downloads and experience their original charm that is both influenced by early punk and T. Rex/Marc Bolan. There are many titles available online these day, "The Complete Eater", "All of Eater" and even "The Album" is available. Some of it is even a click away from owning on vinyl. We are living in an amazing time.

Link to purchase Eater 7" from Violated Records -

Vinyl Colors: 

  • Solid Olive Green 
  • Transparent Royal Blue & Transparent Orange Crush 
  • Transparent Orange Crush & Transparent Piss Yellow 
  • Black vinyl
Love the Violated Records take on "The Label" from the original record label.

Love Eater. So happy that Pat accomplished this. So glad you can get this 7". So glad I had the opportunity to hunt for Eater records when I was a young lad. So glad you can experience Eater immediately, and I really hope you do love the band as much as Pat and I do.

Frank FOE

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