Monday, August 27, 2018

The Droogettes "Clockwork Girls" LP Violated Records

The Droogettes
"Clockwork Girls"
Violated Records
Released: August 2018

The Droogettes are an all-female punk band from Philadelphia. "Clockwork Girls" is their debut LP after plenty of EP and split releases. 

I have had the pleasure of watching The Droogettes evolve as a band from their beginning in 2012. They've already played Rebellion twice and have a split EP with Vice Squad. That is legendary.

They are the real deal. This is no swindle. No put on. Jenn is one of the toughest lead vocalists of any identity. Rachel is a punk rock legend (here, around the world). Elija rips that guitar with style and power. Ginger pulls double duty, also playing drums in the Ramoms (all-female Ramones tribute band).  

The songs are tough, roots punk and oi, with hooks that stick and a UK early 80s feel. 

Check the videos for "No Apologies", "Bitter Old Man" and "Teenage Nights". If the video and song "No Apologies" doesn't sell you on this band, I would think you are possibly reading the wrong blog. The video/song is a classic.  

As a record nerd, I purchased both colors of vinyl... and just so you know, I don't do that often. One copy is usually good enough for me. I love this band. Feel they deserve my support and I walk around with their songs banging around the inside of my head. Give them a try, I suspect you will love them too.

Pressing Information
200 Hi-Lighter Yellow 
300 Purple Splatter 
also on CD

My son recommends the "gatorade lemon lime" (hi-lighter yellow) color vinyl. 

Looking forward to seeing The Droogettes as the open for the Vibrators in the Lehigh Valley PA and wish I could see them on the cruise!


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