Wednesday, February 20, 2019

This Means War "Heart Strings" LP

"Heart Strings"
Pirates Press Records
Released: January 11, 2019

I absolutely love all eleven tracks on This Means War's "Heart Strings: Punk From The Lowlands".

Melodic punk rock with enough edge that you will find it necessary to play very loud. The sound is meant to be shared!

I hear influences ranging that include Bouncing Souls ("What Are Friends For" and "Pressure"), Agnostic Front ("Hang 'em High"), 7 Seconds ("Why We Fight") Dropkick Murphys ("Devil in Disguise") and of course they name drop Cock Sparrer (an obvious influence) in the song "Unseen". "Forever" is a downright magnificent, motivational singalong anthem packed album that would make any Cock Sparrer fan get the chills.

Hailing from Belgium, Bert Van Dyck (vocals), Robbie Jennekens and Dave Moors (guitars), Carlo Geerlings (bass) and Dries Van Dyck (drums) have put together a complete album, full of energetic, melodic, powerful, feel-good songs. Each song is a standalone great. When put together as an entire album, it becomes a must own punk treasure which should go down as one of the best of 2019!

If you doubt me, head on over to Away From Life and give the stream a listen. Then order up the vinyl at Pirates Press Records! 
"Heartstrings" has made my day, several days this year already! 


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