Sunday, March 18, 2012

Revilers "Revilers" LP Review

Revilers "Revilers" LP 
Black Hole / Patac / 4subculture / Contra Records
Also available on CD or download

As a college radio DJ, I spent a lot of time "cleaning" up this record to be able to play on the radio. The Revilers live up to their name with many F and S bombs as we call them on Up To No Good Radio.

re·vile   [ri-vahyl]  
1. to assail with contemptuous or opprobrious language; address or speak of abusively.

The Revilers are a Boston punk rock band that draws from overseas (Contra and 4Subculture took notice in Europe) influences such as the Exploited (pre-metal) and Abrasive Wheels. They also draw from US influences (Black Hole and Patac are taking care of this release in the States), but don't expect the Dropkick Murphys just because they are punk and from Boston. I would align the Revilers with more of a Headache records sound. The great Wretched Ones, Limecell and Headwound come to mind from the legendary Headache camp.

All thirteen tracks are poignant daily reflections from the Revilers' working man's gut. "No Bullsh*t Reactor" is a perfect song to start things off, puts things right into perspective. 

Chorus: I am a no bullsh*t reactor - don't mix my words and I don't fight fair - I am a no bullsh*t reactor - smash your pretty boy face cuz I don't f*&^ing care

My favorite tracks include the "Fifth Column" (anthemic and melodic), "Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired" (tribal-like in an early Exploited way), "Quit My Job" (for it's absolute bluntness) and the complete punk'd up version of the Jerry Lee Lewis track "End of the Road" (no piano).

Punk rock is alive and well in 2012.

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  1. I saw them open for the Dropkick Murphys in 3/16. I thought they sounded like a sped up Motorhead. They have two pretty good guitar players in the band. Good stuff!