Saturday, October 5, 2013

American Sharks "American Sharks" CD The End Records

“American Sharks”
Released September 17, 2013

American Sharks are a three piece band from Austin Texas.  Nick Cornetti (Drums), Mike Hardin (Bass, Vocals) and Will Ellis (guitar) play stoner rock with a hardcore punk drive.

Stoner rock and hardcore punk are two things I love. Think FuManChu, drinking whiskey and starting fights. ‘Cept I think these guys just like to rock rather than fight. Check the video for “Overdrive” and you will see what I mean. Wish I was at the party in the video (actually I have been at parties like that - which is probably why I love the video/song so much).

American Sharks are deservedly going out on the road with CLUTH and THE SWORD. Before they do that tour, they will be warming Philadelphia up to their vibe at the Kung Fu Necktie on October 16th…

American Sharks caught me off guard. This self-titled cd is one of the great surprises for me in 2013. The nine tracks leave me wanting more! Their sound and lyrics are over the top and ridiculously enjoyable!

Discover the American Sharks!


Frank FOE

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