Saturday, October 5, 2013

Halbstarke Jungs / The Warriors Split LP

Halbstarke Jungs / The Warriors
Split LP
Released April 2013

Halbstarke Jungs, established in 2008, are an antifascist streetcore band from Germany. From :

For the non-German speakers, can you explain what your band name means?
No problem. Halbstarke is a German synonymous for young adults, that have always a big mouth, drink too much and think they can change the world. Like teenage years. In the end it is more an attitude for us… we don’t want to grow up so fast.

Halbstarke Jungs four tracks on this split are straight forward oi, punk and rock. Each song is packed with energy, rhythmic hooks and contain an aggressive, almost hardcore feel. 

Basti’s vocals are distinctive and when combined with engaging songwriting, Halbstarke Jungs ends up being a cut above the generic multitudes.

I can’t wait to hear more from Hablstarke Jungs. They have three splits in the works!

I won’t go into the long and complicated history that intertwines Last Resort and The Warriors. Just know that the Saxby and the Warriors carry some weight in England’s punk family tree.

TheWarriors side of this split LP features songs from various sessions over their career and includes a cover of a Last Resort’s “Violence in our Minds” and Cock Sparrer’s “Watch Your Back”. The Last Resort track is a revved up version (clocking in at 2:08), adding energy to a song that was brooding and violent at 3:04. A band I played in, Mr. Yuk, did a version of “Violence in our Minds”, so this has a special place in my heart.

The Warriors "Keep It Real" is a classic punk gem. A strong release from both sides of the split LP!


Frank FOE

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