Saturday, October 12, 2013

Obituary in Wind Gap PA Oct 11 2013

Cheers to Skip.

He never backs down. He is not afraid to take the chances, to set up gigs no one else will. He brings bands to the Lehigh Valley no one else can, finds and secures new venues in an area of the world that isn't as blessed as Philadelphia. And Skip has been doing this relentlessly for decades.

Thanks Skip and Biz R Ent. 

I'd also like to thank everyone who was at this show. I haven't been to a show with such a great atmosphere in a long time. It reminded me of an early 80s hardcore / punk show. There was  great diversity in the crowd. From the fashionable (I think some people took a few hours to get ready for this show) to the come as you are black t-shirt crowd. Long hair and no hair. Big and small. Punk, metal, hardcore, goth, stoner, death etc... you name the sub category, they were at this show. I met a ton of new people and had a great time. People were handing out flyers, demos, stickers, generally sharing their love of music whether or not they were in the bands playing today or not. It was refreshing to be a part of that. So thank you to the everyone at the show. It kind of felt like a "scene". Was handed demos from Dying Eyes of Sloth, Gutrot and Andy Stewart's bass demo. Cheers to this young lady for her musical passion. 

Now onto the bands. Understand that all of the bands, not just Obituary and Strong Intention killed on this night. Thought every band deserves your support. Enjoy the photos and check out the bands facebook pages for more information.

Some quick observations:

  • Seeds of Perdition. I've been missing out on this Philly band. Where have I been?
  • Bethlehem's Decaysia simply stated, rip. One of my favorite local bands.
  • March To Victory's singer is a woman who has a killer guttural voice that could scare little children!
  • New Jersey's Ominous... Geez where the hell have I been. Loved this three piece aural assault.
  • Strong Intention is classic hardcore thrash metal. Love the singer's old school COC tattoo on his leg. We reminisced a bit about Raw Deal/Killing Time and Airport Music Hall.
  • Obituary. If you were there you understand nothing needs to be said. If you weren't, you should have been there. Legends playing like legends. Donald Tardy, Obituary's drummer, is one of my favorites. I could watch him play drums all day. Guitarist Trevor Perez is a gracious guy, besides the fact that guitar sound / style has been in my head since the first time I heard it back in what, 1989 or 1990. No one in death metal touches John's vocal delivery to this day.  

Frank FOE


  1. Great revela was an amazing Night Thanks so much got being here all there years frank and,all that you do ,Also the props for all these hard Working bands. I too see the scene Coming around. So I thank you again my friend till the Next show ,all my best ! skip

  2. Frank,

    Thanks very much for the mention. Still sucks we had to pull out of playing this show, but we enjoyed the hell out of being there to experience the greatness of Obituary once again and to support all our friends.

    Dying Eyes Of Sloth \m/ \m/