Sunday, November 24, 2013

Halbstarke Jungs / The Bullet Kings Split 7" Street Justice Records

Halbstarke Jungs / The Bullet Kings
Split 7” (red vinyl)
Released: 2013

This is the second time I am urging you to buy a Halbstarke Jungs record. The first was their split with the Warriors.

This 7” includes the track “Cheer Up” (which is also on the split with the Warriors) and the track “Nothing To Lose”.  Street Justice is the same label that brought us the Agnostic Front 3xlp box (yes wooden box) “A Box of Hurt and Hate”.

Below is a video for the German version of “Cheer Up”, “Kopf Hoch!”. The English version is on the 7”. I love the song in English and German!

“Cheer Up” or “Kopf Hoch!” has become my anthem. Lyrically, we all need this kind of reminder no matter what is troubling us and the music is perfect. A memorable, driven blend of hardcore and  streetpunk.  Basti reminds me a bit of Hank from Turbonegro in his vocal delivery. Plus I love it when the guitar solo is announced!

“Nothing to Lose” is another example of how Halbstarke Jungs combines a positive message while still playing aggressive music. They remind me of Turbonegro in their musicianship, aggression and sound!

Halbstarke Jungs is one of my favorite new discoveries in 2013!

The Bullet Kings are from the UK and formed in 2006. This is another great band that somehow I missed along the way!

Wilf, Andy and Carl play gruff, classic punk with a hardcore edge. The Bullet Kings have plenty of fire and energy. They know what they are doing and their sound is professional and to the point!

“Godforsaken Town” sounds like it could have been recorded by a punk band in my hometown!

I love this record!


Frank FOE

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