Friday, November 29, 2013

The Flaming Lips "Peace Sword" LP WB RSD

The Flaming Lips
“Peace Sword” LP
Record Store Day November 29, 2013

For some reason back in 1984, Lovely Sorts of Death Records thought my stupid little fanzine Freedom of Expression (FOE) could somehow help them get the word out on their record. I treasured that first Flaming Lips record that they sent to me. I treasured the poster they sent me. I treasured receiving promos of all of their records released in the 80s right on through the Atavistic “Unconsciously Screamin'” EP. 

Warner Brothers did not know or care who FOE was. So then I spent my money on every Flaming Lips LP I could get my hands on released thereafter.

I treasure the faith bands and labels have given me when they asked me to review their records or play their records on my radio shows.

“Peace Sword” started out as a project where the Flaming Lips were asked to provide some music for the movie “Ender’s Game”. Eventually the track turned into the 36 minute, six tracks on “Peace Sword” which is available only at independent record stores according to the sticker on the record I purchased on Record Store Day November 29, 2013.

Obviously, there is a trippy space feel, as this was inspired by a space book (1985) that I never read, that turned into a movie (2013) that I have never seen. But I will probably at least see the movie now that the Flaming Lips are attached to it!

“Peace Sword’ is majestic and lush. I love it when music can make you feel a certain way. Like a good Agnostic Front song can make the hair stand on my arms and want to go out and start a riot... the Flaming Lips on “Peace Sword” make me want to turn the lights down, drop the needle on the record, turn the volume up, put the headphones on and kick back and be taken on an aural trip.

The Flaming Lips are their own band. Comparing them to someone else is ridiculous because in the end, they sound like the Flaming Lips. But I will throw out the obvious and not so obvious bands I hear, just because I feel like being ridiculous… Pink Floyd, Beatles, ELO, Kraftwerk and Devo. But when all is said and done, “Peace Sword” is a true original and another masterful record in the Flaming Lips discography.

I am thankful the Flaming Lips exist and grateful that I own this LP.


Frank FOE

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