Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Noisem "Agony Defined" CD/LP/Digital

“Agony Defined”
Released: June 11, 2013

At first listen to Noisem’s “Agony Defined”, I was left waiting for something to pull me in, anything to set this apart from the death/thrash masses. There are a million death/thrash bands out there that are good, but indistinguishable from the next.

Then a lead comes in… sounds like someone has been listening to the first Slayer album. Now we have something, they are showing their roots. Very early Slayer is always a good place to start. OK Noisem, you have my attention for a second listen.

Then I hear the Toxic Holocaust/Municipal Waste thrash attack. All out, push it as fast as you can. I’m starting to buy in a little more. Then I hear something else, is that a crust punk nihilism? Is it possible Noisem has listened to Aus Rotten or maybe Nausea? My head was tilting and nodding with approval.

The second time through "Agony Defined", by the time I got to track six, “Rotten Remains” I’m thinking Noisem even studied the legendary Nuclear Assault.

So now I am cruising the internet looking for more. So I find some photos of Noisem and one of them is a photo of their crazy singer in a Minor Threat shirt with homemade cut off shorts, cut wayyyyy too short, like we used to wear in the 80s, when we didn’t know any better.

...and with that, Noisem officially gets my seal of approval.

Click above to give Noisem a listen.

So yeah, these 15 to 20 year olds (at the time of the recording) are killing it on their debut. Sure, some (not all) of this has zero in the hook department, opting for the emphasis on speed and aggression. At their age, I said the same thing. Gimme speed, gimme aggression, stick my head in the speaker, turn it up, thrash it out, wreck my mind. Nicely done Noisem. I am looking forward to a brilliant future from these Baltimore Thrash Heads.

Frank FOE

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