Saturday, November 9, 2013

Poison Idea "Kings of Punk" reissue Southern Lord Records

Poison Idea
Kings of Punk
Released: November 26, 2013 (Originally in 1986)

Portland's Poison Idea is undoubtedly in the top ten of live bands I have ever seen. That Philly squat show was one of the legendary days that contributes to the definition of my life. Drinking a beer with Jerry A. in some blown apart building before the gig, circle pit with pimps in fur coats, extremely drunken fans smashing bottles over their own heads, the world was ending that night and we celebrated it.

Released in 1986, the same year I went away to college, I either almost died or was ultimately saved with the help of Poison Idea (along with Discharge, Dr. Know and “Master of Puppets”).

This record was $6 postage paid in 1986 from Pusmort. Included two posters, the one below, hung on my wall for more than a decade (before I put it back in the album before it completely deteriorated).

The original tracks that made up this mid 80s life changing record are expanded to include another 40 some tracks recorded live from 1984-86. It is my understanding that the TKO vinyl version is limited to 300, includes the live tracks as a second LP, is on colored vinyl and includes a poster.

I would never sell the original of this record on Pusmort and have ordered the reissue on vinyl from TKO (listening to the Southern Lord digital version - 2xCD- for this review).

All praise Southern Lord & TKO for reissuing all these Poison Idea records. I don't know if anyone is getting rich from any of these but it makes me genuinely happy that these reissues are happening in such a glorious manner. Southern Lord and TKO reissued “Darby Crash Rides Again” and “The Fatal Erection Years” last year. I suggest you obtain these definitive hardcore records.  

Frank FOE

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