Friday, November 8, 2013

Up To No Good Radio Halloween 2013

Reds and FOE provided your soundtrack to Halloween 2013 on WLVR 91.3 FM Bethlehem PA.

The playlist appears below! 

Rancid “Up To No Good”
Electric Frankenstein “Coolest Little Monster”
Undead “I Want You Dead”
Dead End Drive “Become the Dead”
The Misfits “Ghouls Night Out”
T.S.O.L. “Silent Screams”
Dead Kennedys “Halloween”
Dwarves “Wish That I Was Dead”
Talking Heads “Psycho Killer”
The Freeze “Halloween Night”
A.O.D. “Mischief Night”
Mad Parade “Real Horror Show”
Rezillos “Flying Saucer Attack”
Spongebob Square Pants “Spongebob Scaredy Pants”
Samhain “Halloween II”
45 Grave “Evil”
Oxymoron “Black Cats”
Redd Kross “Linda Blair”
Social Distortion “The Creeps”
Russian Meatsquats “Phantasm”
The Misfits “Horror Hotel”
Motorhead “Dancing on Your Grave”
Rob Zombie “Werewolf Women of the SS”
T.S.O.L. “Black Magic”
Murphy’s Law “Cavity Creeps”
Specials “Ghost Town”
Briefs “My  Girl Wants To Be A Zombie”
Paul Meatsquat “Halloween”
Wednesday 13 “I Walked With A Zombie”
Accused “Psychomania (She’s Dead)”
Poison Idea “Bela Lugosi is Dead”
The Exorcism of Annelesse Miche”
Butthole Surfers “22 Going on 23”
Ramones “Pet Semetary”
Type O Negative “Everyone I Love is Dead”
Paul Meatsquat “Halloween Song”
Cold Blue Rebels “Zombie Love”
Mansfields “Who Wants To Be A Zombie Anyways”
45 Grave “Night of the Demons”
The Cramps “Human Fly”
Paul Meatsquat “Pumpkin Patch”
YDI “Zombie Youth”
Dead End Drive “The Bride Came DOA”
The Misfits “Demonomania”
Rob Zombie “Living Dead Girl”
The Damned “Grimly Fiendish”
Antiseen “Haunted House”
Poison 13 “Hellbound Train”
Rocky Erickson and the Aliens “Creature with the Atom Brain”
Dickies “Infidel Zombie”
Electric Eel Shock “Zombie Rock n Roll”
Brutal Truth “Walking Corpse”

Slayer “Dead Skin Mask”

Frank FOE

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