Saturday, February 15, 2014

Haymaker "Let Them Rot" A389

7"/digital download

By definition a "haymaker" is a powerful, forceful punch.

By design, throwing a "haymaker" is the goal of pretty much every hardcore, punk and metal band.

The four songs on the "Let Them Rot" seven inch last less than a total of five minutes, the longest is a minute and 25 seconds. Haymaker is all about the first round knockout punch.

Angry, abrasive, harsh and demented sounding. The music makes you feel like you should be striking out at everything immediately.

"Let Them Rot" has a hook reminiscent of Gang Green's "Alcohol". Haymaker rage alongside the hardest of their label partners on Deranged, Deep Six and A389.

"Let Them Rot" comes off as a possessed attack. If you love hardcore, you'll understand this is desirable commentary on a record!

Frank FOE 

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