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FILMAGE: The Story of Descendents/All


I was lucky enough to be 16 when Descendents released "Milo Goes to College". Lucky enough to have that record greatly influence me at that significant time in my life.

My Descendents/All vinyl

I was lucky enough to see Descendents and All multiple times in my life.

I have treasured drinking coffee from my Bonus Cup.

Having the opportunity to see "Filmage; The Story of Descendents/ALL" at Zoetropolis in Lancaster PA is another unforgettable memory. 

The movie is currently making the rounds in premieres. 

This Lancaster PA premier was exceptionally special, as Matt Riggle and Milo Aukerman were in attendance and graciously handled a Q&A session between the 7:00 and 10:00 PM showings. The Akrons also played a set, with Milo guesting on "Silly Girl" and "Hope". Thanks to Michael Alan and Zoetroplolis for setting this up!

Milo with the Akrons


Matt Riggle - Director, Producer, Writer

Deedle LaCour - Director, Producer, Editor

Justin Wilson - Director of Photography, Editor, Co-Producer

James Rayburn - Editor, Producer

Stefany Strah - Producer

Caryn Capotosto - Co-Producer

Marissa LaCour - Co-Producer

"Filmage" is an engaging documentary that tells an actual story that makes it attractive and entertaining even if you have never heard of Descendents or ALL. It is a biopic, a documentary, a tragedy, a comedy, it is an action film, it has awesome animated parts, a drama, a musical, a love story. This is no VH1 Behind the Music story of debauchery, drug abuse and hedonism. This is a story about people who love music, who love playing music, living their lives. The human element is a main focus, as one would expect when dealing with Descendents / All. The historical element, the influence on the music that came after "Milo Goes to College", the interviews, the peaks and valleys and Bill Stevenson's biographic parts make this movie a must see for anyone, especially anyone who loves either music (punk, hardcore, rock, alternative, indie etc...) or a heartwarming, triumphant story. 

Milo Aukerman and Matt Riggle had an engaging question and answer session with the 70 people (sold out) after the 7:00 PM showing. Milo's wife and children were in attendance as was one of Milo's children's school teachers. Fielding questions about everything from lyrics, to how he feels about when he finds out that children and cats have been named "Milo" because of him, to his PHD and work with genes, Milo was gracious, warm and humble. A gentleman, a rock star, a scientist and an all around good guy.

Matt and Milo.

I enjoyed Milo's response to the conflict between being in the band and pursuing science and his PHD and how when there were peaks and valleys between the two parts of his life. The peaks in Descendents are greater than the peaks in science. The answer was directed after someone wanted to know how it felt on a bad day, when things are down, and then he can just say, "I'm Milo of the Descendents"! Great question, and Milo's response was relate-able to everyone. Pursue ALL!  

Milo took the time to take some photos and talk to some of my friends:

Milo and Gil

My sister Judy and Milo.

Milo and Larry

John and Milo.

Anxiously awaiting the DVD release (with bonus material)!!!

For now I'll be dropping the needle on my Descendents / ALL vinyl.

Frank FOE

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