Monday, February 10, 2014

Abserdo "Back to the Stoop" HPGD

"Back To The Stoop"
Released: January 21, 2014

Philadelphia based Abserdo existed for three years, disbanding in 2011.

"Back to the Stoop" is a nine track, eleven minute collection of previously unreleased material.

One of the tracks is a cover of the Accused's "Take My Time", complete in all its thrash glory. The fact that these youngsters even knew to cover this song earns them endless points from me. I have been a diehard Accused fan since the band's beginning. Their metal approach to hardcore and thrash blew me away in the early/mid 1980s. I was lucky enough to see the Accused at I believe Club Pizazz in Philadelphia in the late 1980s. My memory is a little foggy on the date / venue but... here are my photos from the show (yes, the Accused are one of my all time favorites). I was giddy with excitement to see the Accused back then. I would probably be giddy today if I had the chance to see them again.

Abserdo blend all of that late 1980s thrash, cross-over, hardcore-metal like they lived it, like they were there "back in the day". For being a Philly band, their influences are definitely West Coast. Oxnard hardcore, Accused, Final Conflict etc.. Both of their previous releases, "Sweet Baby Eagles Coop" 7"/download and "Raising a Pervert" digital album are equally awesome thrashers.

Great sense of humor, great sense of thrash history, awesome tunes. From "Smoke a Bowl, Have Some Sex" to "xDon'txDrinkx" (with the lyric "you're so wasted, so is your life") to the amazing "Xanax", Abserdo never pull off the throttle.

I love this. It really feels like Abserdo recorded this in the late 1980s rather than somewhere around 2011. Classic. I completely enjoy this band's discography from beginning to end.

Have some fun and check out the classic thrash of Abserdo!

Don't miss "You Got Pregnant and Dropped Out Of High School" from "Raising a Pervert" too! 

Frank FOE

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