Friday, February 14, 2014

Teen Agers "I Hate It" Anchorless Records

Teen Agers
"I Hate It"

Teen Agers are from Orlando Florida.

"I Hate It" is their debut album and it was recorded by Roger Lima (Less Than Jake) and mixed/mastered by Stephen Egerton (Descendents, All, Flag etc...).

Teen Agers play pop punk. I can't say I have been following pop punk too much lately. I live in the Lehigh Valley, so yeah, pop punk runs in my veins, it has just been pretty dormant lately. Weston (the finest in pop punk) helped out my label FOE back in the day by letting me put out some of their records. Some of the best days of my musical life were associated with pop punk.

Teen Agers remind me of another Lehigh Valley pop punk band, Digger. I thought this was Digger on first listen. That is a pretty awesome compliment.

Check out this video of "Here We Go Again"

Teen Agers have just finished recording four new tracks, three of the tracks will appear on a split 7" with Lima's side project, Rehasher, while the final song will be used for a TBA split release. The songs will also be mixed by Stephen Egerton.

Teen Agers "I Hate It" is a strong enough of a release to remind me how enjoyable a hi energy, well structured and executed pop punk song can be. Thank you Teen Agers.

Frank FOE

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