Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pork Dukes Interview Part Two October 2014

This is part two of Frank FOE's interview with Horrendous Styles, guitarist of the Pork Dukes. 

The show includes Pork Dukes songs and songs that influenced the Pork Dukes. 

Tracking of the show:
  • Rancid "Up To No Good"
  • Pork Dukes "Dirty Boys"
  • Interview - Pork Dukes Rule OK After 8
  • Pork Dukes "Telephone Masturbator"
  • Interview - Woman On The Phone in Telephone Masturbator
  • Pork Dukes "Big Tits"
  • Interview - Pro Videos for Pork Dukes songs
  • Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band "The Intro and the Outro"
  • Interview - Grandpa to kids at Philly Gig and Influences
  • Pork Dukes "Tight Pussy"
  • Interview - Zappa and Elvis
  • Pork Dukes "Stuck Up You"
  • Interview - English and American Bands
  • Sex Pistols "Pretty Vacant"
  • Interview - Clean It Up
  • Frank Zappa "Call Any Vegetable"
BLINKY getting ready for the Pork Dukes

Frank FOE and the Pork Dukes

Frank FOE

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