Monday, April 30, 2012

The Electronic Anthology Project of Dinosaur Jr. LP Review


When I saw the original Record Store Day list for 2012 this record didn't register on my radar. I didn't know what the heck it was. Not a fan of moog versions of today's classic hits and the like, I kind of wrote it off as most likely pathetic. Then during my RSD research I stumbled upon the review in The Big Takeover. To quote David Musto, "The backing track of “The Lung,” reeks of Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo) and that pretty much rules." All things happen for a reason. Not even sure how I stumbled upon the review, but damn if that wasn't a blessing!

J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.)

I am old enough to have bought Dinosaur when it came out in 1985 and have pretty much all of Dinosaur Jr.'s music. Yes I am a big fan of Dinosaur Jr. I am also old enough (and possibly insane enough) to have fifty Depeche Mode 12" singles (yes, exactly fifty at this point - and no, I did not "cheat" and include the remix box set in this total, or 7"s, or cd5s, or downloads, just 12" singles, and no that is not enough, I wish I had more). I am fascinated with alternate versions of songs, extended remixes and of course pretty vinyl. So of course I picked The Electronic Anthology Project of Dinosaur Jr. up on purple vinyl on RSD.

OK, so what is EAP/DJR? It is Brett Nelson from Built To Spill, providing the new wavey "electronic" versions/interpretations of classic Dinosaur Jr. songs (anthology). J. Mascis recorded new vocals for these tracks and I dare say "The Electronic Anthology Project of Dinosaur Jr." is nothing short of genius to my ears. 

Brett Nelson (Built To Spill)

I literally listen to these nine songs repeatedly (five times in a row the other day). Songs like "Tarpit", "The Lung", "Raisans" and "Feel The Pain" are pure, 80s/new wave genius. The fact that they are new versions of Dinosaur Jr.classics makes this simply amazing. 

One of the highest compliments I can give a record is that "I wish I had made that album". Yup. I wish I made this album. I wish I had something to do with this record. Best I can do is help spread the word about this record and take the musical inspiration from this down to my basement. Thank you Brett Nelson and J Mascis. 

Take care,
Frank FOE

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