Saturday, April 14, 2012


Over the years I took great pride in providing an outlet for those artistic friends of mine who wanted to share their talents. You can take a look at all the covers of FOE zine here. This was one of my favorite parts of FOE for another reason, while I can write, I can not create something like the cover of FOE #3. I have trouble drawing legible stick figures.

Many years ago there were a variety of runs of FOE shirts and sweatshirts that included the following designs:

My friend of thirty years, Johnny from the legendary punk band THE CLAP has started a t-shirt business called Shut Up Store.  

You can get Clap, Pork Dukes and Nostalgia Crisis t-shirts there among many others. He also offers a deal with some of the shirts where you get a free Pork Dukes or Clap CD with some of the shirt orders. 

He is working on printing FOE t-shirts upon demand beginning in 2012. Johnny is working with another Lehigh Valley PA legend, CobraKale who runs a printing shop called LV Tees. So if you order a FOE shirt from Shut Up Store know it will trigger an order and a print job (so it might take a bit to process your order). 

I am looking forward to Johnny eventually getting to some of my favorites like:

If you want a FOE #16 as pictured below, give Johnny a shout as they are in the works for printing now.

Otherwise, tell Johnny which ones you want him to work on next!


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