Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Record Store Day April 21, 2012

I love records. I have since I started spending my $1 allowance on 45s as a 5 year old child in 1971.

I appreciate the fact that records still exist. I love dropping the needle on a record. I love supporting those who continue to release records. I appreciate that so many people part with their records on a regular basis affording me the opportunity to pick up records I missed out on...

With that said, here is my list of the Top Ten Records I am looking forward to this April 21st!

1. DEVO "Live in Seattle 1981" 2xLP

2. THE FLAMING LIPS "The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends" 2xLP

3. METALLICA "Beyond Magnetic" LP

4. JOEY RAMONE "Rock n Roll Is The Answer" 7"

5. RINGWORM "Justice Replace By Revenge" LP

6. RINGWORM "The Venomous Grand Design" LP

7. REFUSED "The Shape of Punk To Come" 2xLP

8. SNAPCASE "Progression Through Unlearning" LP

9. ABBA "Voulez-vouz" 12"

10. IGGY AND THE STOOGES "Live at All Tomorrow's Parties" LP

For the complete list of releases go here!

Frank FOE

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  1. Scored Devo, Flaming Lips, Snapcase, Iggy & Stooges, Abba, Refused, Metallica and added The Electronic Anthology Project of Dinosaur Jr LP as I could not find the Ringworm LPs or Joey Ramone 7" at Double Decker or Compact Disc Center. Also picked up the Tile 7" and Bad American LP. Thank you Record Store Day!