Sunday, April 15, 2012

Up To No Good Radio 3/18/12 Playlist

The Clap
Up To No Good Radio Playlist (sorry no download this week)
Reds and Johnny Generic brought the house down as usual, playing punk rock and assorted nasties!

Rancid "Up To No Good"
Plasmatics "Corruption"
F "In Control"
Die Toten Hosen "Sekt Oder Selters"
D-Generation "Helpless"
The Clap "Don't Say No"
Dead End Drive "Dead Vs. Living"
Red Rockers "Folsom Prison Blues"
Iggy Pop "The Passenger"


Plasmatics "Sometimes I..."
Murphy's Law "Crucial Bar B Q"
Ex-Pistols "Revolution in the Classroom"
999 "Lets Face It"
Jerry's Kids "Pressure"
Satans Rats "You Make Me Sick"
Circle Jerks "When the Shit Hits the Fan"
Fear "Lets Have A War"
Gun Club "Sex Beat"
CH3 "I Didn't Know"
The Damned "Melody Lee"
The Last Resort "Violence In Our Minds"
The Slamhounds "Cops Are Coming"
Biters "Oh Yeah (The Bitch Wants More)"
Social Distortion "Telling Them"
JFA "Skateboard"
TSOL "Sounds of Laughter"
Ramones "Somebody Put Something In My Drink"
Dead Kennedys "Chemical Warfare"
Battalion of Saints "Holy Vision"
Suicide Machines "Confused"
Motorhead "R.A.M.O.N.E.S."
The Undead "The Invisible Man"
Circle Jerks "Trapped"
X "Motel Room In My Bed"
Metallica "53rd and 3rd"
Ramones "Judy is a Punk"
Descendents "Ride the Wild"
Heart Attack "Trendies"
7 Seconds "Aim To Please"
Hairy Phlegmball "Road Pizza"


Stranglers "Shut Up"
Discharge "2 Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles"
Queers "Another Girl"
Eater "I Don't Need It"
F.O.D. "Surfistas"
Murphy's Law "Killer Beers"
Clash "Somebody Got Murdered"
Adolescents "Word Attack"
Poison Idea "Pure Hate"
XTC "Set Myself on Fire"
Turbonegro "Denim Demon"
Damned "Problem Child"
F.O.D. "Haunt You"
Cheetah Chrome "Poison Lady"

Demolition Doll Rods

Demolition Doll Rods "Married for the Weekend"
Redd Kross "Puss and Boots"
Lunachicks "Jerk of all Trades"
Iron Prostate "Bring Me The Head of Jerry Garcia"

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