Saturday, April 28, 2012

Municipal Waste "The Fatal Feast - Waste In Space" LP Review


Raging out of Richmond Virginia, Municipal Waste sounds like a cross between DRI, Hirax, Nuclear Assault and Toxic Holocaust fronted by the corpse of Sam Kinison. “The Fatal Feast – Waste In Space” is their fifth studio release and is available on spectacular toxic-yellow vinyl, that also comes with an old-school 24” by 18” poster (remember when half the fun of buying a new slab o vinyl was finding out what was inside – color vinyl, stickers, posters, lyric sheet…). Municipal Waste are thrash metal fundamentalists and this album will have you yearning to start a circle pit immediately, no matter where you are (supermarket, walking around town with your ipod, bathroom, face down in the gutter...).

Check out the video for Municipal Waste's "The Fatal Feast".


Happy thrashing,
Frank FOE

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