Monday, April 9, 2012

Up To No Good Radio 4/8/12


Rancid "Up To No Good"
Icons of Filth "Why So Liimited"
SSD "Glue"
Devo "Smart Patrol"
Devo "Mr. DNA"
Discharge "Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles"

Sheer Terror "Just Can't Hate Enough"
Carcass "Lavaging Expectorate of Lysergide Composition"
Man Is The Bastard "Existence Decay"
Slayer "Disciple"
Assuck "Salt Mine"
Rollins Band "Tearing"
Hudson & Landry "Ajax Liquor Store"
Pig Desroyer "Rotten Yellow"


TFD "I Not Pose"
Crumbsuckers "Sit There"
Fu Manchu "Evil Eye"
Spazz "Knuckle Scraper"
Black Flag "Thirsty and Miserable"
Fear Factory "Slave Labor"
Raw Power "Joe's the Best"
Celtic Frost "Mexican Radio" (Wall of Voodoo)

In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood "Bear No Shame"
Necros "Bad Dream"
Black Dahlia Murder "What A Horrible Night to Have A Curse"
Dropdead "Sheep"
Pentagram "Sign of the Wolf"


CCM "Feel Like"
Hatebreed "Destroy Everything"
MDC "Born To Die"
COC "Green  Manalishi" (Fleetwood Mac)
Jerry's Kids "Uncontrollable"
Napalm Death "I Abstain"
SuperPower "Occupied"
Accused "Barracuda" (Heart)
Killing Time "Brightside"
Murder Junkies "Once A Whore"
FOD "Razor Wire"
AC "Side 2, Part 13"
Lamb of God "Now You've Got Something To Die For"
SOD "Kill Yourself"
Agnostic Front "The Elimiinator"
Dr. Know "God Told Me To"

Negative Approach

Negative Approach "Dead Stop"
Crass "Shaved Women"
Mastodon "March of the Fire Ants"
Dickies "Pretty Please Me"
Motorhead "R.A.M.O.N.E.S."
Battalion of Saints "Ace of Spades" (Motorhead)
Disfear "Powerload"
Soilent Green "An Addicts Lover"
Infest "The Game"
DRI "My Fate to Hate"
High on Fire "Devilution"
Bolt Thrower "What Dwells Within"
Slipknot "Antisocial"
EyeHateGod "Pigs"

MOB 47

Mob47 "Igen Framtid"
DYS "Open Up"
Siege "Walls"
Anti System "Animal Welfare"
Low Rider "Caravan"
Monster Magnet "Powertrip" (not in audio file)

Thank you for sharing your Easter with me while Reds and Generic were at church.

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