Thursday, June 20, 2013

Eddie Spaghetti "The Value of Nothing" LP

Eddie Spaghetti
“The Value of Nothing” LP

released june 18 2013

The sticker on the LP states that Eddie is “¼ of the Greatest Rock N Roll Band in the World”. I’m not going there, but The Supersuckers are one of my favorite bands. I love every record The Supersuckers ever released... and there are a lot of them. They are one of the greatest.

The time away from the Supersuckers gives Eddie the opportunity to ramp up the percentage of country influence. Where the Supersuckers are 69% rock, 21% punk and 10% country, Eddie’s solo material is 69% country, 21% punk and 10% rock.

The punk rocker in me loves the songs like “F*$&ing With My Head”, “People are Sh*t”, “If Anyone’s Got the Balls” and “Waste of Time”. These are also my favorite type of country songs. They come from the same begrimed barrooms… punk rock or country redneck bars... the clientele may dress differently but the heart has roots in the same earth. 

"Barfly" one of my favorite movies...

There are some more straight up country songs, that Eddie handles with a natural ease that possess the necessary inviting country hospitality… his style welcomes you in… like a barstool that seemingly has your name on it… 

If you understand why someone can love Johnny Cash, Mike Ness, The Supersuckers, Rancid and Hank III and understand why these are some of my favorite listens, you must own “The Value of Nothing”. 

Frank FOE

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