Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Black Flag @ Union Transfer Philadelphia PA 6/17/13

Black Flag in 2013? Yes there is this Black Flag and Flag touring in 2013, both performing Black Flag songs. I'm not picking sides. I don't care. I've been lucky enough to see Black Flag many times in my life. Not sure how anyone can say one version of this isn't Black Flag or not... when by the time Rollins got around to joining the band Keith, Ron and Dez had already done time on the mike... Does that mean "Black Flag" with Rollins was a cover band and was somehow irrelevant? Whatever. Lighten up and have a good time. This version of Black Flag does in fact have the sole continual member of Black Flag, Greg Ginn.
Greg Ginn & UTNG Reds

June 17, 2013 was special for me as I turned 47 that day. I also got to see Black Flag at the Union Transfer in Philly. A tremendous birthday present. I know I had a blast! A very fun night that I will remember for the rest of my life, in a positive way! 

Hearing so many hardcore classics: "Nervous Breakdown", "Rise Above", "Can't Decide", "Depression", "TV Party", "Gimme Gimme Gimme", "Police Story", "Six Pack", "Black Coffee" etc... was pure joy. 

Black Flag influenced me tremendously in the early 80s. It was an honor to witness Black Flag in 2013. 

Drums: Gregory AMoore   |   Guitar: Greg Ginn   |   Vocals: Ron Reyes   |   Bass: Dave Klein


Go here to download "Down In The Dirt" for free!

From the Black Flag website:

SST Records is proud to announce a free download of the first new BLACK FLAG song in many years. On the upcoming 22 song LP to be released this summer, “Down in the Dirt” features Ron Reyes on vocals, Greg Ginn on guitar/theremin, My War bassist Dale Nixon on bass, and Gregory AMoore on drums. 

Black Flag at Union Transfer Philly PA

Greg Ginn of Black Flag at Union Transfer Philly PA

Johnny Clap and Johnny Generic at Black Flag

UTNG Reds with the Black Flag setlist

Black Flag at Union Transfer Philly PA

Jeff Kish (I'm With Cupid), Frank FOE, Mike Fisher (I'm With Cupid) at Black Flag

Frank FOE

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  1. Happy birthday, and glad you enjoyed the show. I skipped the Chicago show after seeing Flag in Vegas at Punk Rock Bowling. I didn't want to have those memories changed by anything.