Sunday, June 9, 2013

Clutch "Earth Rocker" LP

Released: March 19, 2013

(lithograph was available at time of release)

“Earth Rocker” is Clutch’s tenth studio record.

I first heard the title track “Earth Rocker” on Liquid Metal (Sirius XM) and seriously, I still cannot get this song out of my head. The riff, the lyrics and the style is caught in an infinite loop in my head.

(Earth Rocker Lyric Video)

Clutch states that recent opening dates for Motorhead and Thin Lizzy had a great influence on “Earth Rocker”. The truth is in the word influence. Clutch has certainly been around long enough and knows what to do with an influence. Some bands come off sounding just like another band… that is more of a copy than an influence. Clutch tells you they are influenced by Motorhead and Thin Lizzy and you take a moment and think to yourself, yes I can see that… but I just thought Clutch was rocking out like rocking out Clutch. My initial thought is that Clutch is influenced by old Clutch and old Monster Magnet on “Earth Rocker”.

(Crucial Velocity lyric video)

I have been a fan of Clutch for quite some time, but this album has the power to make me go back and listen to those first nine studio albums in a new light. “Earth Rocker” has brought Clutch to a new level. The eleven tracks all stand individually and flow together as a classic album.

(Earth Rocker from a secret listening party in Belleville, NJ on Oct 17, 2012 at the Machine Shop.)

I am anxious to go back in the Clutch catalog and give the old records the rediscovery treatment. “Earth Rocker” is that strong an album that I think I will appreciate the older material even more and I am sure new Clutch fans will start digging in the past.

Not only is "Earth Rocker" an excellent album, but this whole package is just cool. Nice artwork on the gatefold vinyl LP. Love it.

Frank FOE

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  1. NAILED IT FRANK! I totally agreed, well said my friend :D