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Thin Lizzy "Thin Lizzy" LP

“Thin Lizzy”

My Thin Lizzy timeline goes something like this…
  • 1966 I was born.

Thin Lizzy - Bad Reputation Video

  • 1971 Thin Lizzy releases “Thin Lizzy”, which I do not hear in its entirety, needle drop from beginning to end, until 2013.
Thin Lizzy - Then

  • 1976 I hear “Boys Are Back in Town” I purchase the K-Tel LP “Right On” so that I own that song. I bought K-tel compilation albums back then because that is what a young man buys with his allowance when he wants maximum value for his record collecting money in the 70s (plus the "chick" on the cover was "hot" to me at age 10).

  • During the 2000s Cobra and Jack convince me that I need to expand my Thin Lizzy collection beyond the hits ("Whiskey In A Jar", "Jailbreak", "Bad Reputation", "Do Anything You Want To"...), that I bought as 45s and Ktel records back in the 70s (along with bands like Cheap Trick, Bad Company and other disco and pop etc...). I begin my quest finding most of the LPs at Double Decker Records.

Thin Lizzy - Do Anything You Want To - Music Video

  • 2011 I get the opportunity to see Thin Lizzy at Penns Peak on their first gig in North America of the tour. See theMorning Call blog review of the AMAZING show here. I was blown away by the gig.  The kid on vocals did a fantastic job. The guitar playing was un-freaking-believable. My jaw dropped like some 70s cartoon symbol of shock.

  • 2012 Light in the Attic re-releases the Thin Lizzy debut that I have been unable to add to my collection. Somehow I miss out on it again.

  • 2013 I find “Thin Lizzy” still sealed at Double Decker. I check the website of Light in the Attic and see that the LP is out of stock. I am a lucky man. 

From the Light in the Attic website:

When scrolling down a list of debut LPs by rock’s heaviest hitters, Thin Lizzy is as unheralded as they come. Long before the group’s trademark “twin-guitar” sound was born and anthems like “The Boys Are Back In Town” became instant hall-of-fame material, the street tough Irish group was a dynamic power trio consisting of guitarist Eric Bell, singing bass player Philip Lynott, and sticksman Brian Downey. Forming only a year before their monumental signing to world-famous Decca Records, Thin Lizzy fused folk, hard rock, lyrical poetry, and a dose of Celtic lore in a heady brew that despite its potency, sold poorly at the time of release. Often ignored apart from hardcore Lizzy devotees around the globe, Light In The Attic is incredibly proud to produce a much-needed vinyl-only re-release of Thin Lizzy.

If you’ve never heard Thin Lizzy, we won’t hold it against you. “Honesty Is No Excuse,” “Look What The Wind Blew In,” and “Return Of The Farmer’s Son” are certified underground classics making original Decca copies of the album a collector’s prize. Rich in vibe and vibrations, this is the type of record one hangs onto. Now is your chance to enjoy this crucial music at a reasonable price. To sweeten the pot, the lowdown is as follows: Original master tape transferring by Sterling Sound and re-mastering by Dave Cooley (Elysian Masters), 180-gram virgin black vinyl, original album art reproduction (both UK and US versions), extensive liner notes by reissue producer Kevin “Sipreano” Howes (Jamaica-Toronto series, Rodriguez Cold Fact and Coming From Reality, Monks, Mowest anthology) featuring a recent in-depth interview with Eric Bell, and unseen archival imagery.

Don’t worry rock freaks; this one is for the black and blues lovers, midnight ravers, and parking lot bangers. We don’t take this mammoth responsibility lightly. Phil, Eric, and Brian and the legions of diehard Thin Lizzy supporters deserve the best and our best we’ve given. It’s funny how 1971 can sound so contemporary, a testament to the music, power, strength, feeling, and sensitivity of Thin Lizzy, three out-of-their-heads Dublin rockers who gave their heart and soul for a monster dose of rock and roll, influencing thousands upon thousands right up to the present. 

Thanks for the music good fellows.
First official vinyl reissue
24 bit / 96 kHz remaster from the original tapes
Deluxe gatefold “Tip-On” jacket featuring both the original Decca and London album covers
180-gram vinyl
Book-deep liner notes by Kevin “Sipreano” Howes interviewing Eric Bell and featuring rare archive photos
Includes bonus over-sized 18″×24″ poster

Thin Lizzy - Now

Obtain, enjoy the music and the history. The packaging and sound is spectacular. This is awesome even though there were no "hits" on this debut. Jack and Cobra were right and so am I.

And might I suggest, if you are at the beginning of your Thin Lizzy timeline, don't start with the K-tel records... start with the hits off "Dedication - The Very Best of Thin Lizzy" and then get working on collecting the entire catalog.

Frank FOE

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