Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dead In The Dirt - The Blind Hole - Southern

Dead In The Dirt
The Blind Hole
Southern Lord Records
Released: August 6, 2013

Dead in the Dirt is a three piece vegan straightedge band from Atlanta Georgia.

Dead in the Dirt has released the “Void”ep and the “Fear” 7” prior to the twenty-two songs that are included on “TheBlind Hole”.


“The Blind Hole” provides a 24 minute aural mugging. Each song is a barrage of hoarse vocals, violent guitars, frantic tempos, tormenting feedback, poisonous breakdowns and demonstrates no use for tangible melodies.   

 The louder I play this the more I love the chaos Dead In The Dirt brings on “The Blind Hole”!

Frank FOE

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