Monday, December 23, 2013

Bedlam Knives "Here Comes Trouble" 7" Dr. Strange Records

Bedlam Knives
"Here Comes Trouble" 7"
Released: Fall 2013

You might know Doug, the vocalist of Bedlam Knives, from his previous vocal duties in Schleprock and The Generators.  In April of 2012 Doug Kane and Mike Snow (who was also in The Generators) teamed up with drummer Mike Clark, bassist Chalon Kashey and guitarist Chris Loya (The Toughskins) to form Bedlam Knives.

Bedlam Knives has a cool, rockin' edge (think Devil Dogs and X) that meets the driving, high energy, crisp, punk rock that brings to mind vintage UK Subs.

"Here Comes Trouble" is limited to 300 on black vinyl and 100 on green vinyl (available through Dr. Strange only). This is an instantly enjoyable record and as a debut, leaves me wanting a full length record as soon as possible. Nice tease. Looking forward to more from Bedlam Knives.

Frank FOE

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