Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Maddog Surrender LP, CD, Digital Skinflint Music

Released: September 2013

Dutch, Mugsy, Sean and Roger, I consider friends. I've actually been in several bands with bassist Mugsy dating back to the mid 80s. Mugface and Forthright were my first two bands and Mugsy was in both. We had some great times. That said, even if I wasn't friends with these gentlemen, I'd be raving about this record.

I've been pushing this Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem PA based band for years. Telling them they had to release an album on vinyl. Thankfully others like Skinflint saw what I saw and helped Maddog Surrender get a classic Oi / Punk record out there. Seeing this record, dropping the needle on this record, memorizing the lyrics, enjoying the energetic and original songs makes me proud and brings an uncontrollable smile to my face.

There are 250 on clear vinyl and 250 on black vinyl. The ten songs are the real deal. No one sings like Dutch. The lead guitar on "Soul Survivor" is classic. The hooks, the structure, the drive, the passion all comes through. I have literally, already listened to this record a hundred times.

Maddog Surrender also has contributed "All I Want For Christmas is the Stanley Cup" to the "Cashing In On Christmas Volume 5" LP

Johnny Generic of Up To No Good Radio 
giving the Maddog Surrender LP the thumbs up!

If you are new to Maddog Surrender, they have been doing this for more than a decade and you should try to find some of their other releases!

While this is being pushed as an oi/punk record, I do think this has the ferocity to appeal to hardcore and metal audiences as well as the rock precision and melodic impact which should appeal to anyone who loves the guitars/bass/drums set up!

"Nagasaki Bang", "Soul Survivor", "Grapes to Wine", "Rip Down" and "Hey Little Brother" are among my favorites on the ten track LP. There are no clunkers. A great listen start to finish.

Dave and Sean

Congrats to my friends in Maddog Surrender for putting out one heck of a record!

As of December 17, 2013 Skinflint is offering a nice discounted package deal on vinyl /t-shirt. 

Frank FOE

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