Monday, December 30, 2013

Menace "Too Many Punks Are Dead" Rebel Sounds LP

"Too Many Punks Are Dead" LP
Released: November 21, 2013

I will not pretend that Menace "Too Many Punks Are Dead" is better than the mandatory, classic Oi that the band released in the late 70s. I spent many days searching in record stores for Menace's hard to find releases. For some reason back in the early 80s, I had a hard time finding the Menace records and Mau Maus records too. Two bands I loved and needed everything I could find. If you are unfamiliar with Menace, give their songs "GLC", "Screwed Up" and "Last Years Youth" a listen. Classic punk from the early years of the genre. 



"Too Many Punks Are Dead" was released in 2011 on CD. Rebel Sound reissues the music in the preferred vinyl format here in 2013.  The packaging is a nice gatefold sleeve and is available in three different vinyl colors: 200 black, 200 red and 100 on white vinyl. 

I will also not pretend that Menace "Too Many Punks Are Dead" is a bad record. Quite the contrary. In fact, I do love "Too Many Punks Are Dead". Morgan Webster doesn't sing in the band anymore. Charlie Casey (bass) and Noel Martin (drums) are still in the band. Realistically, the new material doesn't sound like the old Menace. There is an unrefined sound that those early punk records had, that bands like Menace had, that is nearly impossible to recreate in 2013.

Songs like "Party Animal", "One Two One Two", "Busy" and "My Very Good Friend" are new Menace classics. Precision punk, with hooks that stick. Down to earth lyrics and a lively feel make me wish that Menace was playing down the street tonight so I could go see them live.

If you are an old punk looking to expand your Menace collection, don't be shy. "Too Many Punks Are Dead" is a worthy investment!

Frank FOE

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