Saturday, December 14, 2013

"Cashing In On Christmas Volume 5" Black Hole Records

Various Artists

This is a no-brainer, must own record. 
  • Two Lehigh Valley PA (my home scene) bands - Chem D and Maddog Surrender
  • Double vinyl, three sides plus etching on the fourth side
  • Great cover artwork take off from the Exploited "Troops of Tomorrow"
  • Actual great punk (and related genres) songs with a Christmas Theme.

My favorites include:
  • The Bad Engrish "Ho! Ho! Oh Nooo!"
  • Angry Snowmans "North Pole" (done to Sham 69's "Borstal Breakout") 
  • Missile Toads "Christmas Ham"
  • Harrington Saints "Xmas"
  • Bishops Green "Christmas in New York"
  • BOY "Party Time"
  • Maddog Surrender "All I Want For Christmas is the Stanley Cup"
  • On The Job "Merry Christmas and Short Cropped Hair"

The full track listing:
01. Harrington Saints – XMAS
02. Suckered In – Whiskey & Keilbasy
03. Hooligan (Dublin) – Punk Rock Christmas
04. Lion’s Law – He Never Came Around
05. Immoral Discipline – Fuck Your Christmas
06. Roadside Bombs – Christmas in California
07. Chem D – The 12 Steps of Christmas
08. Maddog Surrender – All I Want for Christmas is the
09. Sniper 66 – 7 Years
10. Stranglehold – Another Night Alone
11. BOY – Party Time
12. On The Job – Merry Christmas & Short Cropped Hair
13. The Bad Engrish – Ho Ho Oh Noo!
14. Monkish – Santa’s On the Register
15. Bishops Green – Christmas in New York
16. Splodgenessabounds – You’ve Got to Have a Dream
17. Prins Carl – Cut The Wire
18. Angry Snowmans – North Pole
19. Evil Conduct – Silver Bells
20. Missile Toads – Christmas Ham
21. Hooligan (Dublin) – Punk Rock Christmas (Extended Version)

"Cashing In On Christmas 5" is a quality release that goes beyond being a novelty record. As with the other records in this series, you'll want to listen to some of these tracks beyond Christmas-time. A good song is a good song, no matter the time of the year.

Splodgenessabounds has a video for their track at this link.

As a result of this record, I now have to find more music by BOY (never heard of them before this record) and The Bad Engrish.

Merry Christmas
Frank FOE


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  2. Link to Monkish's "Santa's on the register" video here

    A bit of context for our american friends who may not be familiar with the concept of "paedohysteria' here

    and here