Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Brutal Truth / Bastard Noise Split

Brutal Truth / Bastard Noise
"Axiom of Post Inhumanity"
Released: November 11, 2013 

Man Is The Bastard remains one of my all time favorite live bands. Their releases are amazing. 

Bastard Noise is a side project of Man Is The Bastard that brings to mind my favorite industrial noise album "Dry Lungs" which was released in 1985 on Placebo Records. This was my first introduction to the likes of Merzbow, Controlled Bleeding, Sleep Chamber and Maybe Mental. 

The horrific collages of noises, industrial scraping, violent, scary outbursts that Bastard Noise creates is the best I have heard since that "Dry Lungs" compilation. In the right situation, this will create havoc with your blood pressure and pulse rate. Not meant for a summer's car ride with the windows down.

I actually wished Brutal Truth would have blasted out some chunky Brutal Truth thrash, as their typical sound is as harsh, industrial and noisey as a metal band can create. Same chaotic insanity, but through a different style. Here Brutal Truth experiment with the "Control Room" noise that wrapped up their "End Time" CD. This is more atmospheric, haunting and less violent than both the Brutal Truth norm and Bastard Noise. It would have fit equally well on "Dry Lungs". Not for the faint of heart.

This is anti-easy listening industrial "music".

Frank FOE

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