Saturday, March 29, 2014


Released: 2014

This is some of DROPDEAD's most frantic, spine-tingling, arm hair raising hardcore to date. That is saying a lot since their lengthy discography of songs started back in 1991. If this doesn't get your blood boiling and have you ready to run down the street screaming you are dead.

Dropdead do me the service of introducing me to RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA from Vienna, Austria. This female-fronted hardcore band is pure venom spitting energy. First thing I thought was Los Crudos. The press release includes that and adds the likes of Antischism. Yeah. Love it. This music makes me insane!

I want to see Dropdead and Ruidosa Inmundicia live in a squat in Philly now.

Search this out. The above photo says it all.

Frank FOE

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