Saturday, March 29, 2014

Whores / Rabbits split

Released: February 18, 2014

Whores and Rabbits are two modern day noise rock bands. Unsane set the standard in my books back in the day, these two bands carry the torch mightily.

This 7" (100 on pink/400 on black) & download includes 3 Cure covers. 

Yup. The Cure.

Noise rock and the Cure. I understand this. I love the Cure. Consider that Rabbits cover "Give Me It" from 1984's "The Top" and "A Reflection" from 1980's "Seventeen Seconds".

"A Reflection" is originally a moody piano/keyboard type instrumental. Here it is a doomy guitar instrumental. Want to hear something really f'd up? Play the Cure and Rabbits versions at the same time. I think my mind left my body and gave me a hazy neck massage.

Then of course, Rabbits goes into their  version of "Give Me It". Consider the lyrics and you will understand how freaking brilliant it is that Rabbits gave this the brutal, harsh, violent treatment that they did. 

The Cure "Give Me It"
Get away from me
Get your fingers out of my face
This room's so hot
This room's so hot

I break the walls
Get away from me
Leave me alone
Like the pig on the stairs
In a groovy purple shirt

Gasping for air
I'm gasping for air
I'm gasping for love
I'm gasping for air...

Slit the cats like cheese
Then eat the sweet sticky things
Suck harder!
Suck harder!
Suck your insides
Insides out!

Blood thick swimming round your feet
As you're choking
Choking on the fleshy words

Give me it give me it give me it
Deaden my glassy mind
Give me it give me it
Make me blind
One step back and one step down
And slip the needles in my side...

My head is cold
My hands are cold
My heart is cold
My heart is black
And stops every f*cking night
Every night
I wait until it stops...

Sing birds sing birds sing birds sing

Get away...

Whores take the 1979 punky, upbeat new wavey, "Jumping Someone Else's Change" and turn it into a feedback, stoner fest that challenges the best noise from the Am Rep camp.

Yes, I am thrilled with this record!

Frank FOE

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