Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Terraces "The Season So Far"

"The Season So Far"
Released: March 1, 2014

Purchasing the compilation LP "Punk and Disorderly" in 1981 was one of the greatest things I ever did. 

Hand that record to anyone at the age of 15 and they probably would have had the same response I had.

I have spent the years since, tracking down everything I can by the bands on that record: Blitz, Disorder, Dead Kennedys, Abrasive Wheels, Chaos UK, GBH, Outcasts, Red Alert, UK Decay, Vice Squad, Adicts, Partisans, Demob, Insane, Disrputers & Peter and the Test Tube Babies and bands that fit that character and intensity.

The two compilation albums that followed that classic LP up were equally mesmerizing. "Punk and Disorderly - Further Charges" and "Punk and Disorderly III" included the band One Way System. Not many bands got a chance to have a track on more than one of the LPs in the series (GBH, Action Pact, Vice Squad, Disorder) and I think only the Abrasive Wheels were on all three. 

One Way System's songs always stuck with me. Powerful punk that had a sound that was original and stood out, like all of the greats. Their LPs weren't just another slab of vinyl slid into the collection like a dollar bin find. "Writing On The Wall" and "All Systems Go" are important records that helped make me who I am today.  

I mention all of this because the vocalist of The Terraces is Gary Buckley, shifting to the front from being the bassist of One Way System. So who is playing bass in The Terraces, Steve King or "Kingy" played bass with Rose Tattoo from 2000-2007 and is now holding the low end together. Being an old man myself, I love it when old guys kill it, and the Terraces certainly provide the skills, have paid their dues and bridge that gap from "Punk and Disorderly" to Rancid to today. Being old and killing it, ain't easy, but The Terraces exact perfection on "The Season So Far".

The Terraces head right for the top when they pick The Clash's "Complete Control" to cover on "The Season So Far". It would be easy to sound like a third rate hack punk band trying to cover this legendary song. But the Terraces bring honor to the song and they deserve to cover the song.

The Terraces succeed in that they pull off a professional sound without sacrificing the energy and integrity. "The Season So Far" is a great listen from start to finish.

The video of "Perfect Company" should sell anyone on The Terraces classic punk.

Here is the vinyl pressing (all gatefold covers) information for all you vinylists.

  • 200 Black vinyl
  • 200 Red vinyl
  • 100 Grey vinyl

Frank FOE 

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