Monday, March 31, 2014

Iron Reagan "Spoiled Identity" EP Review

Iron Reagan
"Spoiled Identity" EP
Released: March 31, 2014
Free download, soon to be released flexi 7"

Photo by Wendi Shwendi

In case you haven't heard, Iron Reagan released a free download today of 13 songs called the "Spoiled Identity" EP. You have no excuse. Download and enjoy the vintage thrash these Virginians play. If you don't know them, think D.R.I. meets Municipal Waste. 

Of the 13 tracks, ten clock in at 26 seconds or less. Total vintage D.R.I. territory here. Brilliant.

Iron Reagan © Luz de Luna Duran

Iron Reagan makes me nuts, and I like being nuts.

Iron Reagan will have a full length release on Relapse Records later in 2014. Consider yourself teased. Consider obtaining everything else they have released as well (it's all great).

Download "Spoiled Idenity" Ep here. Just click buy now and enter 0 and the ep is yours for free.

Frank FOE

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