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Marky Ramone Book Signing January 30, 2015 Bethlehem (PA) Area Public Library

January 30, 2015
7 PM
Book signing at the 
Bethlehem Area Public Library  
11 W. Church Street  
Bethlehem, PA 18018 

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“The Ramones are one of the three or four most influential American rock bands of all time, and their story, as related by surviving member Marky Ramone, is both entertaining and enlightening. So put on your old leather jacket, scream Gabba-Gabba-Hey at the top of your lungs, and dig in.”  – Stephen King

“Marky and I are from the 70’s as a drummer from the 70's he can show the new boys a beat or two!
He's legend!!!”  – Peter Criss of Kiss

“Marky was an integral part of not one, but TWO of the most important bands in rock and roll. He saw everything from ground zero and lived to tell about it. Absolutely vital document!”  – Anthony Bourdain

“Marky's music and style defined the punk rock movement and has influenced countless artists, entertainers and designers. As a musician, he harnessed the energy of the 1970s counterculture into a truly new movement, one that resulted in a seismic shift in fashion, art and music. While playing in great groups like Wayne County and the Backstreet Boys, Dust, Estus, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, and of course The Ramones he became known as one of the best drummers on the scene.”  – Tommy Hilfiger

“It’s no secret that one of the Sire bands I was closest with were The Ramones. After all, my wife Linda, and good friend, Danny Fields managed them, and musically they changed the world. I particularly depended on Tommy for strength and reason within the band, and was quite shocked and saddened when he decided to leave. Thankfully, with advice from Tommy, they wound up choosing Marc Bell, who I knew well from Richard Hell and the Voidoids, also a Sire band. Marc is a drummer supreme, and was a perfect fit in every way, which is why I believe he was also chosen as the only non-original member to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the band back in 2002. Beyond that, his story, both in and out of The Ramones, musically and personally is quite incredible. A good read.”  Seymour Stein, co-founder of Sire Records

“True fans will shout ‘Hey! Ho! Let’s go!’”  – Booklist

illuminating book for fans of the Ramones and punk rock in general.”  – Kirkus Reviews

Among the most revered rock bands in music history, the Ramones have been ranked by Spin Magazine as the #2 "Greatest Band of All Time," second only to the Beatles. As a group, they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002 and received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011. Renowned drummer Marky Ramone provides the final word on  The Ramones, on and off the road, in his new memoir, PUNK ROCK BLITZKRIEG: My Life as a Ramone (Touchstone Hardcover; January 13, 2015; $28.00; ISBN: 978-1-4516-8775-0). PUNK ROCK BLITZKRIEG is a cultural history of punk from the front lines and the definitive book that millions of Ramones fans have been waiting for.

Before joining the Ramones in 1978, Brooklyn native and self-taught drummer Marc Bell was already a name on the New York music scene. As a teenager he took the subway to Greenwich Village and got to hang out with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles, and Jim Morrison. By the time he graduated from Erasmus High School, Marc Bell was signed to a major label record deal.  In his early twenties, Marc joined the first wave of punk in both Wayne County and the Backstreet Boys, and Richard Hell and the Voidoids. Then, on the advice of drummer Tommy Ramone, Marc was asked to join the band and became Marky Ramone.

What followed is nailed to the pages of rock and roll history: Marky built on the iconic, high energy drum sound of The Ramones, helping them perfect the craft that started down in the basement—the perfect 2-½ minute song with a hook that stays in your head a lifetime. Marky gave the beat to the punk classics, “I Wanna Be Sedated.” “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School,” “The KKK Took My Baby Away, and “Pet Sematary,” going  on to play drums with the Ramones for fifteen years, nine studio albums, and 1,700 shows alongside Queens natives Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee Ramone, and the chaos is as memorable as the music.

Joey was the lead singer—the perfect punk front man and introverted songwriter whose OCD stranded the Ramones at restaurants, hotels, and airports all over the world. Johnny was the guitarist and the band’s leader who spouted off his right-wing politics to a band captive in a van criss-crossing the country. Dee Dee was the eccentric genius of the band, taking four bubble baths a day, popping a variety of pills handed to him by fans, and writing songs about alienation, addiction, and despair that would go on to redefine the term “hit song.”

Marky Ramone’s early years with the band saw many successes, from the cult film Rock ‘n’ Rock High School to performing at large venues all over Europe and the Pacific Rim. But the wear and tear of touring and the dysfunction that was the Ramones drove Marky’s struggles with alcoholism off the road. In the mid-eighties, Marky left the Ramones to enter recovery, a process far more difficult than any drum roll or off-time beat ever could be.

PUNK ROCK BLITZKRIEG is a social history of the New York punk scene from a charter member. The tales from the dirty streets, the drugs, and epic struggles are all part of the unforgettable saga of a band that sang “We’re A Happy Family” with more than a bit of sarcasm.  It also includes never before shared stories of touring, meeting Stephen King, working with Phil Spector, and the sheer expanse of the band and punk rock music from the mid-seventies to the early twenty-first century.

Tragically, Joey died in April 2001 from lymphoma. Shortly after, Dee Dee died of an overdose. Johnny lost his battle with prostate cancer in September 2004. Most recently Tommy Ramone died in July 2014 of cancer. These towering figures in rock history live on in our hearts, on the airwaves, and in the riveting tales of their surviving brother, Marky Ramone.

About the Author:
Marky Ramone is currently in his tenth year as a D.J. on SiriusXM Satellite Radio, hosting ‘Marky Ramone’s Punk Rock Blitzkrieg.’ Marky has also appeared on numerous TV shows, including ‘Late Night with David Letterman,’ ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,’ ‘The Simpsons,’ ‘Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations,’ and ‘ZRock.’ With no signs of slowing down, Marky Ramone continues to tour the world with his band, Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg, featuring various lead vocalists – including Andrew W.K. In 2011, The Ramones received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. It was the first Grammy for the punk rock pioneers.


By Marky Ramone

Touchstone Hardcover

On Sale: January 13, 2015

Price: $28.00

ISBN: 9781451687750  / ISBN 10: 1451687753

For more information on PUNK ROCK BLITZKRIEG, please visit:

Marky Ramone Blitzkrieg

    Marky grew up in Flatbush, Brooklyn, during the 1960’s, and like many up-and-coming drummers at the time, saw himself as a “Ringo.” The first band he played drums in was the Uncles (a tribute to the 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.' TV show), and they rocked Ditmas Junior High School. Soon after, Marky met Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles, and Jim Morrison at a club in the city…and was ready to be a rock star.

    Marky’s first break out band was the proto-heavy metal, Dust. The trailblazing (and way-ahead-of-its time) band signed a major recording contract and recorded a self-titled album - opening for Alice Cooper and managing to break the Billboard Top 100 chart.

    Marky next honed his drumming in the successful 70’s band, Estus…but it wasn’t really his scene. He didn’t truly feel at home until he became part of the early New York punk scene and joined two of the most infamous bands to play the clubs: Wayne County and The Backstreet Boys and Richard Hell and the Voidoids (playing on the latter's classic 1977 album, 'Blank Generation').

    Marky joined The Ramones after drummer, Tommy Ramone, decided to leave the band. For Marky, it was just rock and roll logical - he already had the look down, was wearing the leather jacket and jeans in Dust, played the drums exactly as the machine gunned songs demanded, had known the boys from Queens for years…and was just as much a freak as they were. Although Tommy and the band were parting, it wasn’t on terrible terms; Tommy was actually the member that recommended Marky to the rest of the band.

     All four original members took on the same stage surname as a tribute to Paul McCartney’s pseudonym, Paul Ramon, back from when the Beatles were the Silver Beatles. They were all from a nice, middle-class (largely Jewish) neighborhood in Queens, known as Forest Hills.

    Stephen King invited the entire band up to his house in Bangor, Maine. He handed Ramones bassist Dee Dee Ramone a copy of his book, Pet Sematary, and in under an hour, Dee Dee wrote a song about it. Stephen King loved it and wanted it recorded by The Ramones for the new movie that was coming out, based on the book. The song hit #4 on the Billboard Modern Rock chart.

    In 1994, Bono invited The Ramones to play a huge show with U2 in Ovideo, Spain. Bono presented The Ramones with their MTV Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001, which made perfect sense - the band had inspired Bono since the late 70s when he saw them play in Dublin.

    Their final album, 1995's Adios Amigos, was written mostly by Dee Dee.

    After guest hosting a couple of radio shows, Marky was invited by Sirius to have his own show that invites listeners to enjoy punk rocks songs and learn about where they came from, Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg plays unique bands like Rancid and Circle Jerks, among many other top artists. It’s been airing for ten years.

    After Marky’s drinking became so out of control that he drove through a storefront window (!), he was forced out of The Ramones in 1983. During his early sobriety, he actually became a bike messenger, before rejoining The Ramones in 1987. He has been sober for over thirty years, constantly keeping himself in check.

    The 2004 DVD release, “Raw”, is a compilation of mostly home videos filmed predominantly by Marky, and entered the Billboard video chart at number 5. It has since been certified gold in three countries and currently the best-selling Ramones DVD release to date. It has also subsequently aired on VH1 Classic.

    In 2010, Marky shared his recipe for pasta sauce, by introducing Marky Ramone’s Brooklyn’s Own Pasta Sauce, where a portion of the proceeds go to the non-profit, Autism Speaks.

    In February 2011, The Ramones received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. It was the first Grammy for the punk rock pioneers.

    Fanaticism for all things “Ramones” remains at an all-time high. Case in point, the “Joey Ramone street sign” (at the corner of Bowery and East 2nd Street) in NYC is most stolen! (Source:

    As a member of The Ramones for over 15 years, Marky's book will serve as the definitive story of one of rock’s most influential and popular bands.

    Marky continues to play around the world, including guest performances at Barclays Center (in his hometown of Brooklyn) with such major acts like Arcade Fire and Fall Out Boy.

    Marky has launched his own beer --

See you January 30th
Frank FOE

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