Friday, January 9, 2015

Snatch "I.R.T./Stanley" 7"

"I.R.T. / Stanley" 7"
Bomp! or Lightning
Released: 1977

Judy Nylon, Patti Palladin and Captain Sensible. 

In my quest to revisit the musical history I have missed, Snatch found me, appropriately after I finally saw the Damned in 2014. Damned guitarist Captain Sensible reported plays on this 7". 

Love the bitching at Stanley to take out the garbage as the intro to "Stanley". Love they say "Pussy Galore" in the song.

The lyrics I have made out so far on "I.R.T." have something to do with the perverts that Snatch runs into on the Interborough Rapid Transit. 

This is real deal, down and dirty punk in 1977.

According to punk77 Patti Palladin worked with everyone from Chris Spedding, Johnny Thunders and the Flying Lizards. Supposedly, those are Patti's teeth on Skrewdriver's "All Skrewed Up".

Judy Nylon sang back up on "The Man Who Couldn't Afford to Orgy" by John Cale

In any event, I love digging in to the history of music and this stuff is fascinating.

Frank FOE


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